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5 Tips to stop overeating

Cokeitha Gaddist
Healthy Lifestyles Columnist

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast: When you eat breakfast in the morning it fills you up and you’ll eat less over the course of the day. Unfortunately many of us start off our day with an empty stomach which makes you feel hungry earlier in the day causing you to eat a lot more when you finally eat a meal. If you can’t eat an early breakfast try to eat a late breakfast with at least 250 calories that may include a piece of fruit, yogurt, whole gain cereal or oatmeal.

2. Refuel Every 4-5 Hours: Waiting too long to eat can send your body into hunger overdrive then your body starts starving for energy. Eating regularly every 4-5 hours keeps your blood sugar and energy level stable. This prevents you from feeling an extreme need to refuel quicker than your body actually needs. Try eating 150 calories snacks to help hold you over between meals like unsalted nuts or fresh fruits, they tend to contain more fiber and water so you fill up with fewer calories.

3. Build High-Volume Meals: Volume means building a meal with high fluid content. Solid foods that have a high fluid content can help you suppress hunger. When you eat food with high water/fluid content like fruits and vegetables, versus low water foods like crackers and pretzels you’ll get bigger portions with less calories. Try starting dinner with a salad. Also choose fresh fruit over dried fruit which means you can have a whole cup of grapes compared to a small box of raisins.

4. Eat More Fiber and Protein: Fiber and protein can help you feel full faster and more satisfied longer and less hungry. Your body processes a fiber enrich meal with lean protein more slowly and it helps you stay satisfied over a longer period of time after eating. Fiber-packed foods are also higher in volume and fills you up with fewer calories. Try replacing regular bread, pasta and rice with whole grain versions. Also, try eating lean protein like egg whites, tuna, skinless chicken, venison and black beans to help preserve more lean body mass and build muscles while burning more calories.

5. Drink More Water: When you drink more water it keeps you hydrated plus fills you up quicker. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal and throughout the day. This will help your tummy fell full and help you fell less hungry when it’s time to eat your meal. This will help you develop a better hunger scale so you’ll know when you are starving, felling hungry, satisfied, full or stuffed.


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