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Love is in the air

Omar Jeter

Valentine’s is close, which means that love is in the air. And so this week I dedicate this article to the top 10 most popular couples in television, books, comics, video games and all things nerd related.

  1. Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise: To all of my 90’s babies, who can ever forget About the Misadventures of one of our favorite cartoon characters, Nickelodeon’s Doug, as well as his sometimes embarrassing moments trying to impress his long-time crush Patti Mayonnaise. It was a story that was relatable because at some point in time in our childhood, we all had a Patty Mayonnaise, and goodness knows we all acted just as wacky as Doug did in the TV show. Although it was a cartoon the show was very relatable to all of us because we can remember one if not multiple. Moments of being a teenager in which we experienced similar situations and scenarios.
  2. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson: As long as we can remember Peter Parker, also known as The Amazing Spider-Man, has always had a hard time balancing his personal life with his superhero rescuing exploits. As we all know when it comes to being a superhero, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few things, including having a stable relationship out of fear that something could possibly happen to your better half out of Revenge by your villains. Upon discovering Peter Parker’s true identity as Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson who was Parker’s long-time Crush was still willing to share her life with the man she loved and eventually led to a very iconic wedding in which they try to juggle having a life, a career and staying out of the crosshairs of multiple villains every second
  3. Princess Leia and Han Solo: She was a princess in need of rescuing, and he was a smuggling treasure hunter But somehow the two made it work. Throwing the traditional 80s Vibe of the Ruff and Tuff. Cool guy And the princess that made his heart skip a beat…even if he didn’t want to admit it at first, and you have quite the recipe for Romance. Their love survived two death stars, multiple arguments, and eventually a child in the form of Kylo Ren. And although things did not end on a happily-ever-after kind of note, their love is still Just as bright as the same stars that they fly among.
  4. Disney Princesses: Let’s face it, this would not be a proper list without including the first ladies of Disney And it would be even more of injustice if I was to pick anyone over the others. From Ariel and Eric to Aurora and Prince Philip, No matter how many tales are told in different ways. Everyone dreams of marrying a prince or princess. It is one of the most iconic and purest forms of Love ever displayed. And if I may sound cliche it is one of the top examples of how love conquers all. From the 1920s to today, we still get a little teary-eyed when we see two love interests finally, embrace and live happily ever after. It is stories that have been written multiple times. And no matter which versions we see. You cannot help but have a smile on your face and hope in your heart to have a relationship just as Majestic as the ones Walt Disney has provided for us over the decades.
  5. The Joker and Harley Quinn: It is almost inevitable that this crazed duo would make the list. This is one of those instances where he doesn’t make sense, She doesn’t make sense, but together they make sense…to each other at least. The clown Prince of Crime And his psychotic, sweetheart have been winning over millions of fans in the mere three decades that they have been together. Never miss an opportunity to rob a bank or to give the Caped Crusader, Batman a hard time. They are not so much malevolent together as they are just simply chaotic And rambunctious. Having been voted one of the most popular couples in sci-fi and fantasy for years on multiple platforms, from the many incarnations in the comic books to the animations, to even the big screen and even with their temporary break-up to be discussed on the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, let’s face it when love is this mad. These two cannot stay separate for long.
  6. Scott Summers and Jean Grey: Almost every major X-Men storyline in the comic books as well as in the animations and movies have revolved around the romance between Scott Summers known as Cyclops and Jean Grey AKA Phoenix. Having proved multiple times that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to stay together, even defied death. Even when one’s life is taken they always seem to find a way back to each other through miraculous means. Having being voted one of Marvel Comics top couples of all time. There is no stopping the momentum between the original children of the atom. In the past or the future no matter the timeline, the odds, or the circumstances.
  7. Super Mario and Princess Peach: Let’s face it when it comes to the labors of love. There are not too many guys I know that are willing to take on pipe living piranha plants, living breathing mushrooms with attitudes, hammer-throwing tortoises, As well as Bowser and his offsprings. For decades Mario has literally moved mountains to rescue his beloved who has been kidnapped more times than we can count. Every rescue seeming like a temporary solution to a permanent problem in a very Whimsical way, but our super jumping plumber never thinks twice of getting back into the fray to save the one he loves. Even in his latest trek on the Nintendo Switch’s Mario Odyssey, in which Mario and the Princess finally decide to tighten up. But is of course ruined. Play Bowser Mario goes on an amazing journey. To save her.
  8. Clark Kent and Lois Lane: What happens when you take a very nosy reporter And team her up with a very timid acting farmboy from Smallville who was hiding in disguise but it’s truly a man of superhuman strength and speed? You get the Further Adventures of Superman and Lois Lane. Spending most of their early years Repeating their roles as the Damsel in Distress and the savior of the day. Over the years Lois Lane has learned how to handle herself and be a little more careful in tough situations Although she has yet to learn how to avoid these situations altogether, and we still wondered how after all these years a pair of glasses is enough to trick her to believe that Superman is really the mild-mannered Clark Kent. Thank goodness recently the charade was no longer needed as she discovered and embraced and fell in love with the man one and the same. They have gone on to be married and try their best just like the previously mentioned web-slinger and his redhead better half, to live a normal life, or at least as normal as it can get for these two. When they are not battling and Reporting on planet conquering monsters. And aliens from other dimensions they always have enough time to take a fly around Metropolis for date night
  9. Jim and Pam: Although not quite in the realm of sci-fi and fantasy, these are two fictional characters that the world followed feverishly in hopes that they would find love and acknowledge their feelings for each other. Never has a better romance story played out on TV as it did for us in the early 2000s during the run of the hit TV show The Office. Not only one of Netflix’s most-streamed TV shows but also one of NBC’s most successful television shows ever created. Most people use this as a prime example of what they would like their relationship to be from the simple butterflies in their stomachs when they were around each other to the admittance that they have feelings for each other, from their official Declaration of a relationship to their announcement of marriage and the joy of their children being born This was truly a fairy tale story that all have enjoyed to see. And many more enjoy seeing over and over and over again.
  10. Wesley and Princess Buttercup: Never has a movie been more memorize for its iconic lines, watched for its true storybook romance feeling or re-enacted out of inspiration, dedication, and love. Rob Reiner did not anticipate that when The Princess Bride was released on September 25th, 1987, it would become such a game-changing movie for future directors and actors and actresses doing his best to portray a proper adoption from the 1973 book. Written by William Goldman. It has been documented that many people use this as a source of inspiration when it comes to creating their own type of proposals to their loved ones over the decades. And although it is designed to be a mix of action and comedy it has always based its longevity on being one of the best examples of love and romance.
    If there is anything we have learned from these couples, it is that love truly stretches across the universe


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