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Fat-Shaming Must Stop

It’s time we stop fat-shaming. It is fast becoming an ugly issue in our society and needs to end. Fat shaming is the act of making fun-of or humiliating someone for being overweight. No one should be made fun-of or made to feel so bad by others about themselves because of their weight. It has crossed a fine line between harassment, bullying, emotionally abuse and hurting individuals who are overweight by society standards.

When you judge someone, and make negative comments like “your worthless, ugly or lazy” because they are overweight the effects can be traumatic and can cause serious emotional damage. Being told you are fat in ugly ways does not motivate people who are overweight to want to lose weight. Instead, it can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem, cause depression and more weight gain that can increase health risk and lead to suicide. A study published in The Journal Obesity discovered that fat-shaming may cause people to gain more weight rather than lose it, while increasing their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fat-shaming is a global issue that negatively highlight obesity and body image issues. A report released by the United Kingdom’s National Obesity Observatory found that people who were fat-shamed and discriminated against because of their weight were more vulnerable to depression, low self-esteem, and body image disorders, as well as eating disorders which affects 30 million people in the United States.

Unfortunately, some people believe that shaming people into losing weight works but it doesn’t, it only makes it worse for that person. Fat-shaming continues to happen because we aren’t doing enough to stop it. So how do we stop it? First, if you have nothing nice or helpful to say, “Say nothing at all”. Stop making comments that are not supportive, it does no good. We must learn to accept each other for the body they have and not make them feel bad about their size. Don’t stare! Staring at people who are overweight can be more hurtful, it is often a non-verbal way of calling someone fat without saying a word.

“Speak Up” and learn to be nice, offer support and motivation to help that person lose weight and be healthy. We need rethink the language we use and forget about the ideas that have been drilled into our heads that skinny is beautiful and fat is bad or ugly. Sometimes we fat-shame people without knowing it in everyday comments we make about a person weight or calling children “cute and cubby” or “precious and plump”. Being overweight is not a lifestyle choice. No one wakes up every day wanting to be overweight. It may be harder for some more other to maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise. Be a part of the solution to stop fat-shaming by being more conscious of your comments, the language you use, don’t stare and be supportive and compassionate for those who struggle with their weight.


Cokeitha Gaddist (67 Posts)