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A babysitter’s nightmare

Editor’s Note:

“The Colletonian” is beginning an October series about local ghost stories that have yet to be told. If you would like to be considered for participation in this series, please contact writer Christie Slocum at crlatta78@yahoo.com.


Photo by Jorge Ruiz

Photo by Jorge Ruiz

A young couple, just married, was excited about the home they purchased in the Hickory Valley area of town. The home was large and they wasted no time starting their family. Their first born was a beautiful baby girl who they called Sarah. She filled the couple with joy but their joy quickly turned to sorrow when her mother found her in her crib one morning not breathing. The infant had passed away in her sleep more than likely from what we know now as sudden infant death syndrome.

Their marriage suffered because of the death of the infant. The couple was crushed and longed for another baby thinking this might “fix” their marriage. Before long their wish for another child had come true. They were given another daughter and this child would be called Ruth. The parents, crushed by the passing of their first baby, were determined that nothing would happen to Ruth. The couple was very active in the community and was gone many evenings attending social events. They wanted the best for their baby girl and found a teenage girl to baby sit who fit the criteria of everything they had hoped for. She was outgoing, fun, loving, and responsible. The sitter had high goals and was attending college which allowed her to also sit for the couple some during the day. Ruth took to her right away and before long the two were inseparable.

One evening, the sitter left Ruth in the living room watching her favorite movie while she cleaned up the kitchen after their dinner. Suddenly, a young girl ran past her in the kitchen. The sitter yelled out “Ruth, where are you?” “I’m in the living room, where you left me”, replied Ruth. The sitter rubbed her eyes and looked around in disbelief of what she had just seen and tried to convince herself she was just tired. The rest of the night was uneventful leading the sitter to reflect on what she had seen and decide it was really nothing at all.

The next time the sitter was called over she had forgotten about what had happened in the kitchen, besides it made no sense. She and Ruth had a typical day playing outside until the sun went down. They went inside and the sitter started the bath water. She had a feeling something was behind her. She turned just in time to catch a glimpse of the same small girl peeking around the door frame at her. The sitter jumped up and ran to the door. She looked down the hall and no one was there. She put Ruth in the tub, gave her a bath, and put her to bed. She sat outside of Ruth’s bedroom on this night. She was not sure what was going on in this house and she did not want it to bother Ruth. The teenager knew she had seen a girl twice now in the house. She did not know what to do. She tried to decide if it was a neighbor’s child playing a trick on her, but she knew most of the children and this child did not look familiar. She decided she needed to talk to the parents about what was going on. She did not know if she could continue coming over. The more she thought about it, the more upsetting it became for her.

That night the father came home before the mother. The sitter did not feel like this was something she could talk with him about, it would have to wait another day. She cried all the way home and worried about Ruth all night long. The next morning the sitter returned to the house in hopes of speaking with Ruth’s mother about what she had seen. She was nervous as she rang the doorbell. The mother looked surprised to see her there so early in the morning. She knew right away the girl was not well. The two sat down and the sitter began telling the story to the mother. The mother did not seem shaken or upset. Instead she seemed relieved. She called Ruth down from upstairs and wanted to know if Ruth wanted to tell the sitter their “secret”. Ruth seemed apprehensive and her mother assured her it was alright that the sitter already knew. Ruth told the sitter that the whole time she had been sitting for her she had also been sitting for her sister Sarah. Ruth explained that Sarah goes everywhere with her. The mother then told Ruth that Sarah had shown herself to the sitter twice. The mother and daughter were thrilled. They explained to the sitter that Sarah must really like her; otherwise she would have never seen her. They had never even told the father and he had never mentioned seeing the child in the house either. Ruth went on to explain that Sarah was her best friend and they did everything together. From that day forward the sitter saw Sarah periodically in the house. She did not try to run and hide as before, instead she just kept playing. To this day it is said a child can be seen peeking around the door frames of the home. The family no longer lives in the house, but Sarah has decided to stay.

Christie Slocum (588 Posts)